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Warm Greetings to Everyone. No subscriber login in is necessary at this time as "" is in its comprehensively upgraded introductory phase, the entirety of the Website currently available without charge.

Yes, 'tis me, your old buddy "mmb". Far from the amazing pre-2000 days at through the era of The Gold Update and the good folks over at Time&Cycles, to today with the wonderful exposure afforded me by 321Gold, Kitco, and TalkMarkets. Warm greetings indeed to those of you who've stayed the course, those of you checking in from long ago, and gratefully so to those of you now swerving through here for the first time. The presence of you all means more than you know.

I have to say that this website upgrade has been in the making for some two years now and still is evolving. However, the content herein is sufficiently rich-enough to turn it loose, and appropriately so at this writing on Swiss National Day, (01 August 2013), for good luck, good fortune and a good future for all of you who come here on a daily basis toward enhancing your critical market knowledge. For indeed, "Knowledge is power" and hopefully such knowledge you regularly amass from this site shall get you that extra bit ahead of the markets in your investing and trading endeavours, whether you are a hard worker with a passively-managed 401k, a broad-based investor, or seat-of-the-pants trader.

The look may appear "old school" but 'tis the content herein that is rich; and as interest in the site grows, I expect its presentation to be turned over to a professional webmaster.

'Tis necessary that you read the Disclaimer and understand that whatever you take from these pages only be used in accordance with your own financial analyses, assessments and professional advisors. My sense is that "you're gonna come to love this site" and will make it one of your daily "go to" favourites. I've always felt that there could be created better, more informative market analytics beyond the "canned" technical software packages and online studies, as well as a quantifying of economic measurements and market valuations. That is what you get here, updated daily. On most trading days the site's pages will recycle between 15:00-16:00 Pacific Time.

Here is the key point: with all due respect to what I like to term as the FinMedia, my sense is that spending a few minutes here each day checking out the various links in the menu at left shall give one a better sense of the economy's track and the state of the most important markets than you'll get from a week's worth of watching the televised FinMedia. Indeed, if you've got that 401k, you just might impress your broker with your new-found market smarts; if you are that broad-based investor, your timing may well improve; and if you're that seat-of-the-pants trader, the market profiles, rhythms, ranges, etc. will well wow you.

To get a quick overview of this site in general, click on the "Executive Summary" link near the top of the menu at left.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look 'round. You'll be hooked in no time. I know I am.


---Mark Mead Baillie, San Francisco, 01 August 2013

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