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BEGOS is comprised of the markets in the above acronym, (five primary markets plus three secondary markets).

This BEGOS page encompasses for each market a variety of measures for when you are focused on a specific market. (The reciprocal of this is per the menu link at left for "BEGOS Measures" which encompasses for each measure all of the markets for when your focus is on a specific measure).

You may link to any of the eight markets per the main menu at left, or per the list below. For these markets you'll find a timely table of statistics, relative exchange-traded fund (ETF) symbols, smoothed valuations (for the primary five markets), our proprietary trend dispositions, support and resistance trading profiles, near-term "magnet" prices, expected daily ranges, computerized range "guesstimates" for the ensuing session, and when applicable, measured market rhythms demonstrating targeting profit consistencies. As knowlege is power, keeping abreast of these screens day-by-day ought well assist your being "ahead of the markets":

 1) Bond (CBOT: 30-year Treasury futures)

 2) Euro (CME: Dollars per Euro futures)

 3) Swiss Franc (CME: Dollars per Swiss Franc futures)t>

 4) Gold (COMEX: Gold futures)

 5) Silver (COMEX: Silver futures)

 6) Copper (COMEX: Copper futures)

 7) Oil (NYMEX: West Texas Intermediate Crude futures)

 8) S&P (CME: S&P 500 futures)



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