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We are very grateful for the many unsolicited testimonials received over the years, primarily with respect to The Gold Update as that has been our greatest exposure. Thank you for all your flattering and encouraging comments:

Mark, you are the best at what you do ...  My life would not have been complete without reading your Gold Report ... Jenna

AWESOME!!!! Keep going ... Your writing is truly superb! Thank you for including me on this. Always my favorite email of the week ... Tony

Mark, thanks for your site. It stands out as a beacon of sanity in a world of madness. Keep on feeding me those weekly "Diamonds"... Your Big Fan from Sweden... Staffan

You are the best writer I've encountered among market technicians ... Always enjoy your creative columns ... As they say in the news biz.... you scooped Kass.... by getting the story on AAPL first ~ and telling it with  more sophistication and finesse ... Elizabeth

Excellent. Your work is outstanding ... Paul 1

Best Yet! ... You are now in the big time! ... Thank you ... Amazing! ... This is excellent work, easy for a layman to understand ... Fabulous! ... This is awesome! ... You have arrived! ... Gregory

Your BEGOS and inter-day trading prices by volume is amazing. It really finds the resistance without even seeing a chart ... You've taught me a lot about sticking to the game plan, even during the darkest hours of the gold plunge. W.D. Gann always said "the trend is your friend" and I think you follow that rule better than any market guru I know ... Bob

What thinkest thou, Marko the Magnificent? ... Another discerning and entertaining analysis, old chap ... Brilliant analysis ... Larry

Mark-O!!! I've been following your articles on Kitco weekly ... Nice job of writing ... Great charts and analyses, commentary and info ... Thanks Mark-O ... Congratulations on your tenacity and interest in providing this weekly newsletter ... Ken

Better than a good novel, more intriguing than a Steiger Larsen manuscript, and filled with the wit of a Mel Brooks, I applaud your 100th anniversary [of The Gold Update]. I so look forward to the wisdom, star gazing, and of course the view of reality that is part of each report ... Chuck

I am getting addicted after reading your open ended Gold Update. Is this being done on purpose? Your writing is sooo sharp and interesting ... Paul 2

A great article ... nice to hear a voice of intelligence in a desert of morons ... your big fan from Germany ... Ettienne

Outstanding, superb site mmb ... Ron

Ce n'est pas non seulement tout ce que vous avez fait; elle nécessite beaucoup d'habileté et de l'expérience dont seuls les professionnels les plus instruites au monde sont capables ... Duncan

Nice article on Kitco Mark ... Tekoa

Thank you for producing your Gold Update all these years ... Your writing style is rare, refreshing, enjoyable to read, and presents good information in way that mentally stimulates ... I remain a faithful reader of yours. You are my favorite author to read on Kitco's lineup ... Scott

Love the Gold commentary, keep this coming partner ... I love your updates, I read them religiously ... Steve

Enjoying your weekly gold newsletter immensely ... Barry

Congratulations on 100 [The Gold Update] ... Nate

No. 200!!!! Now that's an accomplishment! Great job and great info. Many thanks ... Great work and congrat's for YEARS of lots of work!!! Al

Look forward each week to your gold commentary.  Thanks for sharing ... Jerome

I loved your gold is going DOWN! article. Keep your wits about you mate and don't drink the kool-aide! ... Kevin

I am reading you with great pleasure since I found you first on ... Volker

Thank you very much. Very interesting and I had no idea. Thanks for the thoughtful explanation ... Frank I

Keep up the great writing ... Keep in touch and keep up with the great articles ... Keep sending us your excellent articles ... keep on writing those great articles ... They need to read your commentaries to start the day, I think ... Frank II

You're famous now ... Glenn

I really enjoy your insight ... Jaime

Great call ... Good piece in a very difficult time ... I enjoy your pieces ... Harry

We are hoping to get your permission to use your Economic Barometer ... Sara

Thanks Mark;  very educational and helpful ... Bruce

Superb, mmb! ... Lawrence

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